Actual picture of me blocking all the free alcohol being thrown at me at this work trip:

I’m ordering chicken wings and a quesadilla.


A Bad Back and Buzzfeed Videos

I hurt my back at the gym today. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t really matter when I have a 9 year old herniated disk injury. It can be set off easily.

Luckily, I have reserves of the medication from the last time, which I use very sparingly since it involves narcotics and steroids.

I’m afraid of it. The medication, I mean. I can see how people can become addicted to pills. It’s like my brain is a helium balloon and becomes weightless and floats above my shoulders because everything weighing it down becomes transparent like good, clean air. But it’s still attached by a string so as it deflates, the medication wears off, it settles back into my skull but heavier than before, compressing the vertebrae in my neck, causing a different kind of pain.

So I almost never take them, unless I can’t even get out of bed to pee because my back hurts so much.

ANYWAYS. I’m writing this because I watched a Buzzfeed video where the two drunkest actors decided to try the “most iconic drinks across America” – from all 50 states. Four were water because of religious/teetotaler history. I think they were just going to drink sips to taste and comment but they clearly became drunk by the end. It’s an opportunity to watch people descend into drunken behavior, and I simultaneously thought “that looks fun” and also “they’re acting kinda dumb”. I mean, I could throw back, and some of those drinks looked good.

Here’s the video. My home state’s was shitty beer, which was not surprising. It’s a shitty state.

2 Truths in Cartoon Form

47 Days.

Now is about the time when I always say, well, if I can control my drinking by maintaining an absence of drinking, then surely I can control my drinking if all I want is one.

Dear Brain:

You are delusional.

Signed, Brain




Believe “every reason is a good reason” and replace “ice cream” with “whiskey” and this cartoon is spot on: